Live A Little

Enjoying every moment in life, overcoming the difficulties and negativity, savoring the sweet taste of victory. This moment, just this moment, I can live for just a moment.



I’m starting to fall asleep


I feel so tired, but I’m happy.


Today I’m happy, it was not hot.

It’s raining

I was listening to moonlight sonata while it was raining.

The empty mind

Wondering wondering, I


More work, less time in the day, wishing there was more time but no can. Only thing I can do is work faster and harder.

What a day

Spent the whole day reading; I feel accomplished.

Need to charge your phone? Ride your bike with a Silva Cycle Atom battery pack


People riding bikes for exercise, recreation or commuting don’t need to waste their energy any longer. Oh, they can still ride, but now they can recoup some of the power they generate on their ride and use the juice to charge up their mobile devices. A new Kickstarter project for the Siva Cycle Atom is the secret.

The Atom is made of two parts: a small generator with electronic power regulation and a removable battery pack with a USB port.  Most bicycles with a quick-release rear wheel can use the Atom, which sits between the rear tire and bike frame. A USB cable can be run from the Atom to a charge a mobile device while riding, even as the battery pack recharges. Here’s how it works:

Taking the Atom’s battery pack with you when leaving your bike is a snap; just remove it when you lock up your bike…

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Forget touchscreens: paint a computer interface anywhere with WorldKit


Ubiquitous, gesture-controlled interfaces are one step closer to reality, thanks to a new system developed at Carnegie Mellon University. WorldKit lets you create interactive apps on any surface just by waving your hand. The project was announced by the university on Thursday.

Instead of being tethered to your hardware, WorldKit is designed to make access to computing instant and mobile by making the world your touchscreen. Right now, the system involves a ceiling-mounted camera and projector that record hand movements and then project onto the surface of your choice. Some potential uses include TV remote controls, which can be accessed by rubbing the arm of a sofa, or calendars that can be swiped onto doors.

With projectors and depth-sensing cameras (the current system uses a Kinect) getting smaller, the researchers envision a system like WorldKit could eventually fit into a light bulb. Any room thus equipped could become a smart…

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