Beautiful Day

Such a beautiful day in Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii. A good place for a walk, day at the beach, fireworks in the evening, and food all along the beach walkway.


Increasing My Net Worth

With each passing moment for each book I read, I aim to increase my net worth by investing in my time. Each book has its place, and a place in my life, I plan to structure my life in such a way that I have tangible value. Long term, I will not have to worry, nor will I be scraping by.

Small Business Contracting

Just got done with my workshop with the federal government. I’m happy to know that I do not have to do everything on my own. Part of their programs is to help entrepreneurs like me to grow from a startup to an enterprise and be able to get the contracts needed. I’m glad to have gone, the next workshop is somewhere by the end of the month, I’ll be going to that too. Anyway, I’ll do what I can in the state of Hawaii, then when I move to the mainland it will be plug and play.

Some Time

Another day, another crepe, just some time alone. It’s funny, as I enjoy this simple meal, I am reminded how simple life is. I just complicate things. I know that in life, I must follow the process, but at the same time I am rushing things. However; at some point things seem to be moving too fast for me. I won’t give up. For some reason I feel scared, I don’t know where this fear is coming from. Why do I feel such hesitance? I’ll just have to trust in the process. I know I’m getting help in all that I do, I’m still not ready to do everything on my own, having a team is important for me. Just like this crepe, everything makes it whole, it is not just one ingredient. I still need guidance by experienced experts. I will listen and follow, I will do what I must, with people helping me I should not feel fear. I should not feel alone. Being around people brings me comfort and a sense of safety that everything will be alright. We will fix everything together. I can do this. I’m a long ways until I can do things on my own. I know I can, I just need a little more time, should not be long.

Night Owl

Finding time to be productive has become easy. Although; having a busy schedule, and still making time for whats important, I try not to overdo things. Lately, I have been feeling inspired to do more for the company I am trying to start, I seem to be running out of ideas. I don’t know. I might just be running out of creativeness for now. I do find myself be more creative at night though, I appreciate that, it is like they just come to me. A flow into my minds eye. Later on, I just wright things down, it is as if I’ve seen them before. Like, it already happened.

Having mixed feeling about my diet though. Being on the keto diet is all well in good, I love it, and have seen remarkable changes. But, it’s just so hard to not say no to temptation, sugary foods are everywhere. It is like a sudden rush. I do try to stay on track, it’s for my own good.

Meeting with my mentor once a week is working well for me. He keeps me on track, so I know my next step, that way I can have a company I can be proud of. It is something I must protect he says. As for the other mentor, he said that in the end, the reward will be great. Right now, I just want a motorcycle, but I can have a better one in the future when I have my company. Maybe, have a super car as well, always wanted one. I gotta have my toys, and maybe a boat too, I do love fishing.

Anyways, its getting late, gotta go to bed. Until next time.